How do I know if I have to submit an application to the HARB?

Refer to the HARB District Map (PDF) to determine if your property is located within the National Register Districts boundaries. If so any exterior work requiring a permit that will be visible from a public street must be reviewed. This includes all buildings on the parcel visible from the street (but not from an alley).

Rear of Buildings

The rear of buildings is not normally covered by the HARB, unless the building is on a corner, next to vacant corner lot, or the rear faces another street. Refer to a Norristown street map to determine whether the rear faces an alley or a street.


The HARB is especially concerned with changes to the permanent architectural fabric of the streetscape. Thus, substantial changes to large scale building components, such as stuccoing, or applying siding over brick, or to visually important elements, such as doors, windows, or cornices or porches, will be carefully looked at.

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