Norristown Police Department and Sleeping Mats Project

February 2019. As part of our community engagement initiatives, the Norristown Police Department works in partnership with organizations that are committed to increasing the quality of life of our citizens.

Sleeping Mats Project is an initiative that Angels in Motion originally conceived and was developed by Integrate for Good, Indian Creek Foundation, and Montco SAAC. The Norristown Police Department has been invited to be an active supporter of the Sleeping Mats Project.

The purpose of the project includes strengthening local communities, giving opportunities to people with special needs to contribute their time and talent through civic engagement, and helping people in need out in the community.

The mats created are intended for any homeless individual that the Police may come into contact with, that refuse housing or shelter assistance. The mats provide insulation for these folks while they choose to live outdoors for any variety of reasons, including opioid addictions, mental health issues, and others.

It is important to know that the mats are created by people with special needs and are crafted of 100% hand-woven recycled grocery bags. The mats are being created at the Montco SAAC center, here in Norristown.

Partners of Sleeping Mats 1
Captain Clowser Receiving a Mat 2
Clowser and Bishop receiving Mats 3