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The Norristown Fire Department’s Fire Safety Inspection Program is designed to promote a proactive approach to fire safety through prevention. Our career firefighters are also certified fire inspectors. They conduct fire safety inspections with the goal of identifying existing hazards to life and property, and to provide explanations on how to mitigate any fire hazard found.  In addition, they also ensure that each property is compliant with the adopted International Fire Code. Fire inspectors also ensure that emergency contact information is up to date, along with any other key information that can be use in the event of an emergency at a specific location. 

Business owners and residents can always update emergency contact information by submitting updates to: You may also print the Occupancy Information Form, linked below, and mail it to the Norristown Fire Department at 235 E. Airy St., Norristown, PA 19401, or fax it to (610) 275-0687.

Below are the forms relevant within our Fire Inspection Program: