Pedestrian Friendly

Walkable / Urban

Norristown has the pedestrian friendly streets and connectivity that today's residents and employers are looking for. The pedestrian-friendly scale of Norristown's streets promotes walking. Norristown offers an attractive, compact built environment with many historically significant buildings along with well-located opportunity sites perfect for redevelopment. Today Norristown is a vibrant, walkable urban-scaled community in the heart of the Philadelphia suburbs.

Walker on Norristown Sidewalk

According to the Urban Land Institute:

“America in 2013” survey, members of Generation Y [the 80 million person “Baby Boom echo” born between 1982 and 2004] “place a priority on living in diverse communities with many different housing options in an urban environment... they want to have public transportation as an option and value its presence in their neighborhoods... Of all age groups, they care the most about whether or not they live in walkable communities...”

Generational Appeal

From seniors who remember what life was like when most families did not own a car to their great grandchildren, Norristown’s walkable character has appeal across generations.