Planning Commission

Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m. at Municipal Hall (235 E. Airy St.)

The 2024 meeting schedule has been posted.

March 2024- Meeting


The Planning Commission reviews and reports to the Council and the appropriate governing body on all applications.

  1. Proposed subdivision plans
  2. Proposed land development plans
  3. Zoning Change requests
  4. Requests for variances and special exceptions
  5. Special projects where the Council has specifically requested the Commission to review and report to the Council on the special projects 


In the performing of its functions, the Planning Commission holds public hearings and meetings, and keeps records of its actions.

With the consent of the Municipality, The Planning Commission may accept and utilize any funds, personnel or other assistance made available by the Municipality of Norristown, Montgomery County, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the Federal Government, or any of their agencies or private sources.

Rules and Regulations

The Planning Commission holds the right to adopt rules and regulations governing the conduct of business by the Planning Commission and establish a procedure for matters handled before the Planning Commission.


Membership Requirements

The Planning Commission consists of 7 members, one of whom may be a member of the Municipal Council at the time at which he or she is appointed. Members of the Planning Commission serve 4-year terms. Members must be residents of the Municipality of Norristown.

In the event the term of office of the Council person ends during his or her term on the Planning Commission, the next available appointment to the Planning Commission may be a sitting member of Council.  

The Municipal Council may appoint the Municipal Planning Director to be a member of the Planning Commission.  

You can apply for appointment to the board by filling out the board vacancy application.

General Code

A formal description of the committee is detailed in Chapter 70 of the Norristown General Code.


Agendas and minutes from previous Planning Commission meetings can be found here.

Map of Properties Under Review

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