Norristown Sewer Authority


  • 3rd Wednesday of every month


The Norristown Municipal Waste Authority was formed in 1993 for the purpose of operating the municipality's sewer system. The Authority owns and operates the wastewater treatment plant and the collection sewers of the Municipality. The wastewater treatment facility is located at 368 East Washington Street, discharging effluent to the Schuylkill River, and serves both the Municipality and the Township of West Norriton.

Membership Requirements

The length of the membership for the Municipal Waste Authority is a five-year term. The Authority is governed by five members. Members must be residents of the Municipality of Norristown.

Independent Operation

While the Waste Authority members are appointed by the Municipal Council and their office are located on the second floor of Norristown Municipal Hall, the Norristown Municipal Waste Authority operates independently of the Municipality. Learn more about the Authority's operations by visiting the Norristown Municipal Waste Authority Website.

General Code

A formal description of the committee is detailed in Chapter 63 of the Norristown General Code.