Subdivisions & Land Development

Municipality of Norristown Subdivision & Land Development Ordinance (SALDO)

Access the SALDO or view A User's Guide to the Development Process (PDF).

Subdivision & Land Process

Your plans will need to go through a series of reviews to ensure that they are consistent with local and state laws, whether you are planning to:

  • Subdivide your property (divide a property into separate parcels)
  • Build two houses or an entire housing development
  • Build a new commercial building
  • Build a shopping center

We call this the “Subdivision and Land Development Process.”

Familiarize with the Process

We recommend that before you begin your project you familiarize yourself with the process by reading the User’s Guide to the Land Development and Building Permit Process. This brief guide will help you get started. You can then contact the Department of Planning and Municipal Development with any follow up questions at 610-270-0450. To further help you with this process, please find a Plan Submission and Plan Recording Procedure.