Housing Programs

Owner Occupied Housing Rehabilitation

The Municipality of Norristown administers an owner occupied housing rehabilitation program for income eligible homeowners within the Municipality. Improvements are geared to assist homeowners bring their properties up to code. The program is administered on a first come first serve basis, and is contingent on funding availability. 

Community Grants, Planning & Housing: https://www.cgph.net/

CGP&H Home Improvement: https://hip.cgph.net/

Affordable Homes For Sale and Rent: https://www.affordablehomesnewjersey.com/

Down Payment & Closing Assistance Program

The Municipality of Norristown runs a down payment and closing cost assistance program to help qualified borrowers meet the financial requirements of down payment and closing costs. The program is funded through the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The assistance is offered in the form of a non-interest second mortgage that requires no repayment unless the home is sold, refinanced, rented out, or transferred within the affordable housing term.