Economic Development

The Business Development Coordinator markets Norristown to the private business community in an effort to attract and maintain the existing commercial and business marketplace while creating an environment for job creation and job retention for Norristonians.

Small Business Assistance Center

The Norristown Small Business Assistance Center assists micro-enterprise (5 or fewer employees) with business plans, marketing plans, advertising and other services for small businesses looking to begin operations, relocate or that already exist within Norristown.


The Local Economic Revitalization Tax Assistance Program is a way to encourage owner-driven redevelopment and new construction in designated areas of the Municipality through the use of a graduated tax abatement schedule where the increase in property taxes are gradually introduced over a period of ten years. This program has been used in projects like The Luxor Lifestyle complex, a $27 million development, on Sandy Hill Road that brought 157 new apartments to the Municipality in 2017.

For more information on these programs and other economic development initiatives, visit Norristown Economic Development.