Snow Removal Guidelines

Snow removal in Norristown is a challenge. Our community’s many small streets and abundance of on-street parking can make plowing difficult even during smaller snow storms. Learn how we can work together to get through the winter months.

Street Maintenance Route Schedule

Obey the street maintenance route schedule. Most streets in Norristown are posted with signs that prohibit parking during certain days of the week and certain hours. These prohibitions allow snow plows to more effectively push snow to the curb because there are no cars to get in the way of the plows. The result is that the streets are cleaner, safer and the town is better prepared for the next storm.

Shoveling Snow

Don’t throw snow into the street. Sometimes, particularly in neighborhoods without front lawns, it can be difficult to find a spot to place the snow once it is removed from cars and sidewalks. Often residents will simply shovel the snow into the street. Please don’t.

Snow shoveled back into the street can create dangerous ice patches. Accidents can happen. Moreover, if the snow plow comes through for another pass, the snow will simply be pushed back against your car.

A Better Approach

A better approach is to find a spot on the sidewalk for the snow. Norristown requires that each resident clear only a 30-inch wide path on sidewalk. In most cases, this leaves room for you to pile the snow you removed from your car.

Snow Fines

Throwing snow into the street may result in a $10 fine, so please find an alternative.

Parking Spaces

Don’t place chairs, cones or other objects in the street to reserve your parking space. Shoveling snow is difficult. And it is frustrating to dig out your car, create a neat parking space, only to have someone else park there and benefit from all the hard work you did.

For this reason many residents place chairs or other objects in the street to save their parking space. Please don’t do this. These objects create an obstacle which impedes the ability of the public works crews to effectively clear the snow.

Object Disposal

Starting in 2012, if objects are placed in the street, the public works departments is authorized to remove and dispose of them. So please help us get the streets clear of snow. Don’t place chairs and other objects in the street.


Clear the snow from your sidewalk. Norristown residents have 24 hours after the end of the snowfall to remove snow or ice from the sidewalk. Please clear a path at least 30 inches wide.