2017 Events & Accomplishments

Target Zone 3 Identified

Target Zone III has been identified as the 500 to 1000 blocks of Green Street. In 2016, there were 189 Part I and II Crimes that occurred in this location.

Riverfront Park Cleanup

The Riverfront Park Cleanup was completed on May 7, 2017.

Surveys of Target Zone 3

Surveys were completed by Kristi Barletta and members of the Police Department on May 31, 2017 in Target Zone III.

Cleanup in Target Zones

On June 26, 2017 Deep Impact Group completed a clean-up in Target Zone I. On June 27 2017, Deep Impact Group completed a clean-up in Target Zone II. On June 29, 2017 Deep Impact group completed a clean-up in Target Zone III.

Affiliation with Keep America Beautiful

Kristi Barletta became a member of the board affiliated with Keep America Beautiful to assist in coordinating programs and events to work with residents, community groups and businesses to address the issues of littering and beautification in Norristown.

Multi-Agency Intelligence Meeting

On August 17, 2017 the Norristown Police held a multi-agency intelligence meeting to discuss the recent violent crimes in Norristown and Pottstown.

Meeting with Elmwood Lodge Management

A meeting was held with Management of Elmwood Lodge (Target Zone III) and Norristown Police Department Command Staff to discuss current issues that are surrounding this establishment.

Your Way Home Discussion

We identified and discussed the impact of Your Way Home on the community.

International Chiefs of Police Conference

Kristi Barletta attended the International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference in Philadelphia on October 21st  to 24th.

Keep Norristown Beautiful Meeting

A Keep Norristown Beautiful meeting occurred on November 8, 2017 to determine litter and dumping hotspots.

Narcotics Audit

Police identified locations within the NH Target Zones as part of the Narcotics audit.


Directed Patrols

The increase in directed patrols represents an increase in community engagement and changes in operational priorities. The increase in Calls for Service (CFS) represents an increase in community trust.

Police Action2017 Year-to-Date2016 Year-to-DatePercentage of Change
Directed Patrols2,0781,26864%
Incidents of Crim272331-18%
Calls for Service1,5361,35014%

Building Concerns

Code2017 Year-to-Date2016 Year-to-DatePercentage of Change
Violations / Citations1,9853,398-42%
Community Outreach Program813-38%
Condemnations / Blighted Properties1623-30%