New Horizons Collaborative

The Norristown New Horizons Collaborative is the Municipality of Norristown’s new way of doing business.

Innovative Program

New Horizons is an innovative program aimed to strengthen the relationship between residents and municipal staff and seeks to empower citizens to address some of the most pressing issues and quality of life concerns in their neighborhood.

Residents Assist Municipal Operations

Working with the New Horizons Team, residents are able to assist in coordinating the actions of Municipal operations as well as state, federal, and private partner organizations in helping those in our target neighborhoods realize their community vision - one block at a time. Together, residents and the Municipality will embark on a New Horizon for Norristown.

Primary Objectives

Our primary objectives are:

  • Build sustainable, responsive solutions to the concerns of residents living and working in each neighborhood
  • Develop cost-effective methods for improving municipal service delivery throughout Norristown
  • Fight crime and the fear of crime
  • Help residents living and working in one of New Horizons target neighborhoods realize their vision for their community

Photo Gallery

View a photo gallery of the Great Norristown Cleanup 2016.