Property Maintenance Complaints & Code Enforcement

The job of each Code Enforcement Officer (CEO) is to ensure the public health, safety and welfare as they are affected by the occupancy and maintenance of structures and premises in accordance with the 2012 International Property Maintenance Code and its amendments as well as local ordinances. Each day CEO’s proactively patrol the municipality and respond to complaints and concerns communicated to the Code Enforcement Department by residents, businesses and property owners. 


CEO’s respond to these complaints by visiting the location, assessing the violation, and writing a notice of violation. Property owners are then provided a set amount of time to address the violation, depending on the extent of the issue.


Some code violations within the Municipality of Norristown are issued as tickets to property owners. These tickets come with an automatic $50 fine that must be paid at the Municipality of Norristown Finance Department. The following violations are ticket-able: 

  • High grass and weeds - Ordinance No. 14-03 Chapter 315
  • Excessive trash, litter, and debris - Ordinance No. 14-10 Chapter 202
  • Accumulation of ice and snow on sidewalks - Ordinance No. 14-05 Chapter 270

What If I Receive a Notice of Violation or Ticket?

If a Notice of Violation or a Ticket was issued to you, please read through the notice in its entirety. If you have any questions regarding the notice that you received contact our office at 610-270-0441. It is recommended that you contact the CEO that issued a violation notice to inform the inspector of your plan of action to correct the violation or request an extension of time should you need it. 

All Notices of Violation and Tickets will have the following information:

  • Property Owner Name and Address
  • Date the Violation or Ticket was Issued
  • A Violation Number, also known as a V-Number
  • The Location of the Violation
  • The Code or Ordinance that is in violation
  • Nature of Violation - This section quotes the Code or Ordinance that is in violation. 
  • Action Required - This is what the CEO is requiring to be done in order to bring the property into compliance with the Municipality of Norristown's Codes and Ordinances. 
  • Action Response Time - The amount of time provided for the violation to be abated. 
  • Statement of the Right to File a Lien.
  • Name or Badge Number of the CEO that issued the violation notice. 

Right to Appeal

Any person directly affected by a decision of the Department of Building & Code Enforcement or a notice or order issued shall have the right to appeal to the board of code appeals. A written application for appeal must be filed with the Department of Building & Code Enforcement within 20 days after the day the decision, notice or order was served. Board of Code Appeals Application(PDF) shall be based on a claim that the true intent of the code or the rules legally adopted thereunder have been incorrectly interpreted, the provisions of this code do not fully apply, or the requirements of this code are adequately satisfied by other means. 

Any person directly affected by a Violation Ticket issued by the Department of Building & Code Enforcement may apply for an administrative appeal by submitting a Violation Ticket Appeal Application(PDF) to the Department of Building & Code Enforcement or by applying to the Board of Code Appeals. 

Failure to Comply

If the property owner fails to comply with the Notice of Violation or Ticket issued, he or she will be issued a non-traffic citation. The property owner may elect to pay the fine or go to the Magisterial District Court and have the case heard before the district justice. These citations carry a fine that can range from between $300 - $1,000. In more extreme situations, the CEO’s will write multiple citations for the same violation. Each day constitutes a separate violation and a citation can be issued every day that the violation exists. 

Property Maintenance Complaints

Property maintenance related complaints should be reported to the Code Department by calling 610-270-0441. Complaints can also be submitted in person at our office located on the 2nd Floor at 235 E Airy Street Norristown, PA 19401 or online using the following link.

Submit Property Maintenance Complaint

Complaint Process

A clerk will take the information provided and forward it to the field supervisor for assignment. Please provide as much detail as possible including the address where the violation exists, the condition prompting your call, times of day and the names of any individuals involved along with anything else you feel is relevant. In the event you call after business hours please leave a voice message including your contact information as well in the event we need to speak with you. Once your complaint has been assigned to an inspector, the CEO will make a site visit or contact you within 24 hours of the complaint being received. 

After Business Hours

You can also report code issues after business hours to the Municipalities Hot Line number at 610-270-0441.