Keep Norristown Beautiful

Bigbelly Trash Receptacle Advertising / Anti-Littering Campaign

The rollout of Norristown’s Bigbelly bin advertising campaign arrives!

Norristown Bigbelly Ad Reservation Form

Started in Jan. 2023, the purpose of the Bigbelly bin advertising campaign is two-fold: Roadside-Litter_Square (1)_Stormdrain

1.Provide our local businesses and organizations the opportunity to partner with KNB and raise revenues to combat litter, while benefitting with messaging to our residents.

2.Funds raised by utilizing the panels on Bigbelly bins to provide anti-litter public service announcements to our residents and visitors.

Anti-litter messaging will give pause to litterers with an attractive, witty, anti-litter messaging campaign that leads to behavioral change. Revenue from the advertising program will contribute funds to support the campaign and future beautification efforts through KNB. This is also a can’t-beat-it opportunity for advertisers to extend their reach in the Norristown community.