The Municipal Administrator serves as the chief administrative officer of the Municipality, which includes the role of Municipal Secretary.


The Municipal Administrator reports directly to the Municipal Council of Norristown. and is responsible for:

  • All municipal staff, departments, and activities
  • Implementing the policies, resolutions, and ordinances adopted by the governing body of the municipality, which is the Municipal Council
  • Preparing the annual budget and its implementation following approval by the Council


The Administration Department is here to provide the residents of Norristown a progressive, efficient, economical, and responsive government.

Comments or Questions

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Forms & Services

Block Party, Parade or Assembly

Apply to have a Block Party, Parade, or Assembly (PDF).

Please note: Block Parties require signatures from all residents living on the block prior to submission; please use the Block Party Signature Sheet (PDF) to collect the necessary signatures.

Residential Disabled Parking Space

Apply for a Residential Disabled Parking Space (PDF) or complete a Disabled Parking Renewal Application (PDF).

Please note: Disabled Parking Permit Applications and Renewals require public notary services and a visit to your physician. Please allow up to sixty days for the Municipality to review your application.

Public Records

Request public records through our Right-to-Know Page.

Public Records Officer

Crandall O. Jones, ICMA-CM
Municipal Administrator